Empowering youth through music

Stelpur rokka! (Girls Rock! Iceland) is a volunteer-run non-profit organization working to empower girls, trans boys, gender queer and intersex youth through music. Our core programming focusses on the rock camp.  Campers learn to play an instrument, form bands, and write a song together.  They participate in various workshops on music, gender and social justice, attend lunch time performances by established women musicians and perform live at a final showcase in front of friends and family. 

Over 400 girls and women have participated in our programming over the last 5 years and have formed over 70 bands. At rock camp, campers amplify their already strong voices, strengthen their self-esteem, and collaborate creatively with positive role models. 

Volunteer for Stelpur rokka!

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization. Our volunteer group is comprised of over 40 people  with diverse backgrounds and experience, all passionate about music and working with youth. We welcome all women, trans men, genderqueer and intersex folks over the age of 18 to join our volunteer group. All that is required is a passion for social justice focussed work with youth and a drive to serve as a positive role model for our participants. Volunteer roles include teaching an instrument, band coaching, workshop presentation, preparing lunch and snacks, roadie crew, and many more activities. 

Yes, I would like to volunteer!  

Recording from final showcase in Akureyri 2014

Our core values 

We offer programming to all girls, trans boys, genderqueer folks and intersex youth in Iceland and strive to support and empower a diverse group of participants, regardless of musical experience, gender expression, ability, economic status, sexual orienation, ethnicity, religion or other factors. 

We offer a sliding scale tuition at all our camps. That means that we do not turn any participant away for a lack of funds. Lowered and free tuition is available to all campers but priority goes to campers with greater financial need, girls with Icelandic as a second or third language, and LGBT youth. 

All Girls Rock Camp Alliance member camps adhere to the following core values: 

We value the power of music as a means to create personal and social change;
We value efforts that actively expand opportunities for girls and women;
We value positive approaches to fighting sexism;
We value integrity, honesty and respect;
We value appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation, and collaboration;
We value using our collective voice to further our mission;
We value diversity.


A world wide movement

Stelpur rokka! is a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA), a network of over 60 girls rock camps all over the world. Stelpur rokka! is also a part of the GRCA Europe committee, a network of 11 European girls rock camps. Representatives from Stelpur rokka! have participated in the yearly GRCA conference for the last four years and have also attended the 2013 GRCA Europe conference in Sweden.

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